Pre-Purchase Building Inspection
(standard home): $340 incl GST

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection
(standard home): $210 incl GST

Combined Building and Pest Inspection
(standard home): $490 incl GST

Note: A standard home is non waterfront that is max 2 storeys with max 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 1 outbuilding (garage or shed) - Call or email for a quote on larger properties

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Leichhardt NSW 2040

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How about a licenced builder with 20 years industry experience or more.
How about members of the Master Builders' Association. How about builder's who have built, extended and renovated 100's of Aussie homes from Sandstone Convict Cottages to brand new, contemporary,
waterfront properties and every variation of Heritage / Californian Bunglalow / Semi-detached / Texture red brick 60's special you could think of. I have been working within the Building Inspection industry the past few years and have completed HUNDREDS of building inspections to date (2013). Add to that a degree in Civil/Structural Engineering and I think you have found a better option.

My name is Jason, I own this company and my free advice to you is to…...... LET US DO IT.

Did you know that in 2007 the government deregulated the Building Inspection industry. The old licensing scheme ensured building inspectors were licenced builders of more than 15 years building experience in multi faceted construction. To obtain a Building Inspector's licence, an inspector had to have completed 100 or more building inspections, for an already licenced claim company, without or incident. But all that has now changed.

Anyone, yes ANYONE, can start a Building Inspection business now, take your money and run! Would you risk spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, on the back of advice from a non qualified consultant? I didn’t think so. All the more reason to … LET US DO IT.

We are a boutique consultancy and I try to complete ALL our Building Inspections personally. If I am unable to complete your property inspection myself, one of my staff members will. They are trained by me, personally. We have an ongoing improvement program that ensures our staff are constantly at the forefront of legislation changes and new and traditional construction methods. They use checklists and software that have been developed in house and are regularly upgraded and improved by me also.